7 Ways To Say I'm Sorry, Way to Apologize

1. You are thought of more highly once you own up to a mistake because others will see you are human and feeling after all. However small you think the mistake may be could have devastating effects on your relationships if sorry is not in your vocabulary.

2. If you have lost your temper, had a bad day, or for whatever reason to be in conflict, when you say sorry look as if you mean it and not as if its an after-thought. Look at the person, be genuine and let them see how sorry you are.

3. You've hurt a member of your family, make it up with thoughtfulness, some flowers or just a small gift. Be more thoughtful and in relationships little things do mean a lot.

4. Communicate your feelings without losing your temper - this is not a one-way battle. When you communicate what you want to say calmly the other person knows you are speaking from calm reflection and sincerity.

5. Feel the hurt and do it anyway. Even if you've been hurt by a person, say sorry to yourself and move on. Never harbour a grudge as this only leads to unresolved conflict and possible illness.

6. Use a sense of humour as that always diffuses arguments or conflicts. When my French husband says 'Why' a lot I call him 'Monsieur pourquoi', he laughs and it makes whatever he said more bearable for me to swallow! He would also forget why he said 'Why' in the first place!

7. Show love not remorse when you are fed up with other people's behaviour. You can change how you respond to situations but you cannot change other people's responses and behaviour.
Saying 'sorry' can be the hardest word to say. There's a tremendous relief and calming influence not only on your side but on the side of the receiver. Saying 'sorry' creates a win-win situation as you are feeling better and the other person will hopefully also begin to feel the sincerity, power and peace.
If you really dislike the word, then counteract your emotions before anger sets in.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/602779 semoga bermanfaat :)



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